Spiritual Gifts- A Channeled Message

Spiritual Gifts- A Channeled Message

Gifts come in many sizes. Each gift is just that- it’s a gift specifically picked out for you, by Spirit! treasure it. Spend time with it. Learn how to use it. Just like you would if you received a gift here on Earth and you didn’t know it’s full operation. We don’t include a manual because we want to teach you the intricate workings, making you the sole operator of your individual gift. Receiving gifts doesn’t just happen by chance. There’s an energy around it just as you here on Earth receive gifts from others.There is a before process.. and reasoning behind the gift-giving.

Please receive the gift with joy! When The Giver hands over a gift to the receiver, It is a sacred Moment In Time. We Grant you blessings and know that you will do good with this gift. This gift will not only bless you, but it will bless others.

Proceed to take the gift into your lap. You will Look at the wrappings, the paper, the design, the bag the bow.

You feel it, you slide your fingers in between the papers popping the tape.

You feel the size of the Box, the shape, the weight. You unwrap the paper. Some of you rip it off- some take their time opening it.

Before you open the box that you hold in your hands,  you stop you pause- wondering what could be in there.

You notice others next to you opening their box at the same time, notice their box looks different.

You look back at your box. You open it and you pull out what is yours.

You’re thankful, even though you don’t know what it is, or how to use it. But you know, it was specially picked- just for you. This is the kind of Grace we want you to have. This is the type of response that we would like you to have surrounding your gifts. These are given unto you. Specially hand-picked.

It’s what you do with these gifts in the future that matters most. 

The choice is simply yours. 

Some put them on a Shelf and ignore it, forget about it. If someone asks if they have something like that, they say no because they have forgotten about it – they didn’t take the time to absorb everything there was to know about this gift. Perhaps it seemed useless at the time. 

Another who has opened their box, spends time looking at it. They want to know more about it. They go home and they put it where they can focus on it, observe it. Perhaps they look at it numerous times a day. Pick it up. Touch it feel it. Is it heavy? Is it light? Does it make noise? How does it work? This person spends time with their gift. Such are the people who draw near to it, learn from it, expand on it, explain it to other people. To be able to work with that they were given.

It becomes a blessing in their life because its now something that they they treasure.

Gifts are just that.

Gifts. Treasures -That are given to you.

From us.

It’s what you do with the gift that matters most.

If you choose to leave it on a shelf, then you will not see the value of the gift.

If you choose to incorporate it into your life, admire the beauty, pursue it with wonder- It is then you will see the fruits. It is then where you will be blessed by that gift that was given unto you with love and with purpose. The gifts we give to you are given with specific intention.

So it’s up to you —How you choose to use the gifts.

It is up to you —To find your Wonder.

It is up to you —To make that choice.

For those of you who hold their gifts, study them, appreciate them, admire them, find the beauty in them -will also find healing, peace, and abundance.

It’s those who find joy from their gifts, can also share it with others.

The gifts that they were given are purposed to also bless others as well.

So I ask you today-

The gift that you were handed-

Is it still wrapped in a box on your lap? Is it sitting on a shelf collecting dust? Do you remember where it is that you once left it?


Is it in the palm of your hand?Is it held close to your heart?Is it so beautiful that you can’t put it down?

Do you want to take it with you everywhere and show everyone?

How amazing- this gift- was handpicked for you- by the universe, by God.

Because you are worthy of being the owner of that gift! You are! You are Precisely who this gift was made for!

These spiritual gifts are not mass-produced on an assembly line and shipped out. No.

These are handmade.


Tailored to the needs of those who they belong to.

And often times the way you observe your own gift,  is the tool itself that helped heal you in the first place.

The gift we chose for you is to enable you to bless yourself, and those around you. 

There is a domino effect. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

So I encourage you -To open that gift that you received. 

Hold it in your hand and say yes, I receive.

I want this.

Ask and it shall be given to you. We want you to have this for which we created just for you. We love you.

We want to bless you.

We want to work with you.

Thank you.

Would you like to learn more about your own Spiritual Gifts?

Perhaps you have an idea, but want to dive in deeper? 

Let me help you! I can help you find your way to your Spiritual Gifts so you can move forward with a deeper understanding of who you are, why you’re here and how you can use your gifts to enrich your life! 



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