Scheduling a Reiki Session

My Reiki treatments are performed distantly. You will schedule a time that allows you to relax and receive the treatment from the comfort of your home. I will send you a message before I begin. By working with the healing energy, I am able to feel any changes or resistance in your energy field. I will address any issues/concerns I find and fill those areas with healing light. I will scan your chakras (your body’s natural energy centers) and address anything that may be brought to my attention. I will be taking notes on the side during the entire process. This will help me gather information more efficiently, making for a more through healing session. After the session is complete, I will send you a message notifying you that I have finished. (sessions last approximately 30 min) I will bring my notes into form and will include my findings along with areas I may have addressed. I will do this via email or send you a pre-recorded video. Please allow up to 7 days from your scheduled session to receive the feedback.